Automotive Level 3000W TVS


Features :
3000 watts Peak Pulse Power (10/1000μs),
Unidirectional and Bidirectional Protection,
Fast Response Time: Typically < 1ns,
Excellent Clamping Capability,
Glass Passivated Junction,
Built-in Strain relief,
Low inductance,
Low profile package,
AEC-Q101 compliant.

Wayon Power TVS Products protect electronic circuit against transient and overvoltage threats such as surge up to 10kA and 15kW respectively, including automotive diodes, high reliability TVS diodes and NR-TVS.

Automotive diodes are RoHS and UL listed while also meet AEC-Q101 requirement.

The use of silicon technology in the NR-TVS products offer lower clamping voltage.

SMA, SMB, SMC, SOD-123 and DFN package demensions are included, among which the size of DFN package is 3.3 mm×3.3 mm×1mm, especially the thickness is superior to traditional package.

Type UNI-POLAR Part No. BI-POLAR Part No. Package Peak Pulse Power Ppp(W) Reverse Stand off Voltage VRWM(V) MIN VBR (Volts)@IT MAX VBR (Volts)@IT Test Current IT(mA) Maximum Clamping Voltage Vc@Ipp(V) Maximum Peak Pulse Current Ipp(A) Maximum Reverse Leakage IR @VRWM(μA) Data sheet